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2012: The Greatest Hits

It’s been almost a year to the day I started blogging. I know, for you it feels longer. It started as a general anger at the ‘women of 2011’ article that included a panda and then became a place for me to discuss other feminist issues that rattled my cage and the feminist conversations I am having with my niece. From then on, it has continued and I am actually a bit proud that I’ve managed to keep it going. Also, surprised that you’re still reading. To be honest, the more I think about it, this is all just an ego trip for me to ‘refresh’ the stats page to see how many people are reading and find a cheaper alternative to counselling or anger management classes. Thanks for making those dreams come true.

So what’s 2012 been like to blog? It’s been frustratingly, painfully, gob-smackingly, phenomenally…inspiring. Yeah, lots to untangle there.

The frustrating/painful bits:

…And someone told me we had equality. Shut it.

The inspiring bit:

So whilst sexism is still (unfortunately) alive, we will overcome it, because despite what they tell you, Feminism isn’t dead. 


I’ll see you in 2013. Bring your placard. 

P.S There will be frustrating or inspiring bits of 2012 that I’ve missed out (you see, the frustrating bits were getting me really very depressed) but comment below or email/tweet me and I will add them! Ta!


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