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Top 10 most ridiculous sexy makeovers for Halloween

This comes courtesy of an extended Feminist Friday, after the last blog I have been having numerous rage filled conversations with women about why and when Halloween became sexy rather than scary.

An excellent feminist, Jenni Lloyd put together a top 10 list of the most ridiculous things to make sexy, with a running commentary. Find another? Post it below.


In at NUMBER 10 we have sexy Mrs. Potato Head, That’s right, what was once a children’s toy or the dullest vegetable is now sexy enough for you to strut in this Halloween. Garlic Mayo dip anyone?









Coming in at NUMBER 9 we have…a duck, dinosaur, hedgehog?!

This made the list because it’s so dumb I don’t even know what it is. The sexiness of the costume is so much more important that what the costume actually is that no one even knows anymore = FAIL








At NUMBER 8 we have SEXY PIZZA, Firstly, who dresses up as a pizza let alone, a sexy fecking pizza?!

An most importantly, she forgot the mushroom, I most definitely will be having words with the chef (who in this case, is absolutely a man)







no8Up four places to NUMBER 7 and with a side of egg, it’s SEXY BACON.

That’s right. Haven’t you always woken up on a sunday and thought, you know what’s missing from this brunch, some sexy bacon, my normal bacon is just so frumpy looking, she never makes the effort…my eggs barely titillate me these days.

Does the above make you uncomfortable?! GOOD BECAUSE I AM SEXUALISING BREAKFAST.





no6NUMBER 6, a none mover, we have SEXY CORN. There seems to be an obsession with food stuff being sexy, or maybe the obsession is to make women look as ridiculous as possible, I’m really not sure anymore. We maybe at the half way point of the chart, but I am already in the fetal position.







no5At NUMBER 5, it’s SEXY CHUCKY. You know from the horror movie of a possessed doll. Now on the surface, that’s already a costume fit for halloween, being scary….right?! But let’s change that, so it no longer makes sense.

What’s even worse – it costs £29.99!!!! what?!






no4Number 4…SEXY BEAVER. YEAH.

Subtlety has never been a strong suit for this industry. Despite the many awesome double entendres that can be made with this costume, as a Canadian, it horrifies me.

Our hardworking, noble, national animal has been ruined…RUINED! Halloween; is nothing sacred anymore? This makes the list for making me question everything that I hold dear about my homeland.






Aside from the fact that the only bit of the costumes that make it look at all like the characters are the bits on their heads, they have just murdered a bit of my childhood. DEAD AND GONE. all that are left are tears, mourning for a better time.



no2 We’re almost there, at NUMBER 2 is SEXY MENTAL PATIENT (yes, that is how it was advertised and for a period was available on the Asda website)

So not only are we sexualising anything to make women into objects, we’re stereotyping and being highly offensive to those with any mental health condition. Absolute disgrace.





no1And in at NUMBER 1, its’ believe it, or not, SEXY OSAMA BIN LADAN.

It’s a sexy costume based on a terrorist responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people. But apparently this it totally ok.

Don’t forget it comes with the nose and beard combo.

That’s it folks, that’s the top 10 i managed to find.





I would like to point out, that maybe you are going to a vegetable or breakfast related fancy dress party, although that in itself, is a bit weird, by all means go as corn or bacon, but the point here is, why does it have to be sexy corn or sexy bacon. I always thought the point of fancy dress was the laughing part, not the gratification of men.

However, if the sexy dress appeals to you than GO FOR IT, but let’s not let it be the only choice on the shelf. 😦

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The images of dinosaur, corn, Sesame Street characters, pizza and patient are the property of yandy.com and can be found here.


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One thought on “Top 10 most ridiculous sexy makeovers for Halloween

  1. Sexualize that breakfast. Make it dirty! Make it beg…

    (I literally cannot muster a response to the costumes. There are no words for how ridiculous they are.)

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