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Dear PETA, Piss Off.

I get it PETA, you want to be controversial. You think controversy sells, it makes people stop and read or look. It is basic marketing. In fact I would almost go as far as to say it is amateur. Using controversy or sex to sell your product is something you learn in Marketing 101. It is the advertising equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson; Over-rated, offensive and boring.

In fact it is so overdone and down right boring, that most companies are moving away from it, something about it being 2015 maybe…

I’m a feminist (you just shuddered, didn’t you?) and I think your advertising is misogynist bullsh*t. You have repeatedly, despite it being called out, used sexism, objectification and degradation of women to make your points. I believe in the welfare of animals, I don’t wear fur, I eat a mainly veg based diet. BUT YOU MAKE ME WANT TO EAT MEAT TO SPITE YOU. Why is it that to stand up for animals, you need to stand against women?

This isn’t new for you, but perhaps we need to take a walk down memory lane to give you a re-education.

Remember that time you did this:


Here’s why it isn’t ok:

  1. You are using domestic abuse and torture of women to make a point about animal cruelty. They aren’t the same.
  2. You use domestic abuse as the metaphor whilst also sexualising the woman in the image. What is it you think is sexy, abuse?
  3. When you use this image, what are you trying to get across? That we think too much about abuse of women? That we should prioritise cruelty to elephants?

Or how about the time you did this:


Because apparently, the years and years of campaigning by women across the world to not be seen as pieces of meat, to not be seen as bits of sexualised body has utterly bypassed you. Apparently we are all animals. But women, are animals who are airbrushed. Women are animals who just happen to be sitting pushing out their breasts on a chest. Women are animals who are pin ups with plastic surgery. We are all animals, who look like that. If we are all the same, why didn’t you think to use a woman who looks a little more realistic? I’ll tell you why. It’s not because we are all animals, it’s because women are sexual objects to you, and that sells your message.

Or how about this:



Fur is unkind, use of it involves the killing of innocent animals. But that’s not what you’re saying is it?

You’re saying fur is unattractive, as is women’s body hair. Any woman who doesn’t have a pristine, hair free, pre-pubescent crotch should feel ashamed. Get her some Veet.

In fact you’re saying “don’t ruin your look” in other words, you could be so pretty, if you just waxed that hair off and replaced it with a stretch of red dots where your skin has been pulled and torn.

Why not put a picture of a skinned animal? controversial and unattractive. But no, you went for another anti-women advert…I’m beginning to think you have a problem.

And this one: Just piss off. Just. Piss. Off.


And most recently this:


Because nothing says look after your health and well being like objectifying a nurse.

It makes sense really, it’s coming up to Halloween and the only costumes you’ll have available is sexy nurse, sexy teacher and sexy cat. The other version of this picture is “lighten your load”. Yup.

What is the point here? Go vegetarian and nurses will look like this? Go vegetarian and women who work in a hospital will be readily available to you? You are insulting women, yet again.

Your cause is worthy without this and yet you continue. In fact many of your ads have been banned and you proceed with more and more. Getting progressively more violent, or offensive. Is it the controversy you like? Is there truly no such thing as bad press? Or is it much more simple; do you have a women problem? Is it possible that you are misogynists making the most of a cause and hoping you can hide behind it? I think the answer is in the images above.

Stop it. If you have an ounce of respect for women. If you have an ounce of respect for the women who want to campaign with you to protect animals, STOP. NOW.


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