Bringing you regular rage against the patriarchy, drenched in sarcasm and capslocks #FEMINISTFRIDAY


So I talk a lot, often passionately, about political things, often sarcastically about mundane things, and because of this many of my friends have suggested blogging.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of bloggers because it’s one of those irritating things that everyone and their dog seems to do. But, just like Twitter, and just like i-Phones,  I seem to have caved – of course, in my individual and unique manner….sigh.

At the moment, the blog has become a log of the my niece’s feminist journey and the conversations I’m having with her (usually on a Friday) to help her along the way.

Alongside that here, you will also find rants/opinion on political/social things, sarcastic commentary on life things and quite possibly overly analytical amateur psychology.

Enjoy and do comment regardless of agreement, but try and be respectful about it, otherwise it makes you a bit of an arse.

Take care,


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