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Women of 2011

When I read the pathetic article by the BBC on the Women of 2011, I was overcome with utter rage – who on earth thought this was a good idea? Who did the research? Or, more accurately, who was on the eggnog?

Then I found the #realwomenoftheyear trend on twitter and saw that women, mainly young women, from around the world were tweeting the likes of Lady Gaga or Tulisa as their inspirstion. I understand and accept that people’s  inspiration is a very personal concept, but I find it a sorry state of affairs when you scroll down the screen and see not one name nor even a reference to any political, cultural or scientific women leaders.

Then to make myself feel better I thought I would google ‘Women of 2011’ as I thought, well painfully hoped, that there would be a blog, an article, a comment, maybe even just a sentence that would talk of the powerful endeavours of women in 2011. Instead the top searches were:

“Hottest Women of 2011”

“Women of 2011 – Maxim”

“Women of 2011 – FHM”

At this point, I am on the edge and begin to wonder, maybe this is, in fact, the fault of the BBC and every other mainstream media outlet. If women were in the media (whether press, television or a magazine)  for their successes rather than who they married, what clothing they have (or do not have) on,  or what diet they’ve been on. Then perhaps that twitter trend would look different, perhaps that google search would look different and perhaps the BBC ridiculous list would look different. It’s time for our media to be braver and fairer. Untill then, screw it, I’m writing my own list of women who should have been on it. Enjoy

Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma democracy and peace campaigner)

Hilary Clinton (US Secretary of State)

3 winners of the Nobel Peace Prize  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  Leymah Gbowee Tawakkol Karman

Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty UK)

Shaima Justaina (Saudi Arabia Women’s Campaigner)

Christine Lagarde – (first woman to be head of the IMF – love it or hate it)

I have had brilliant suggestions and thought more about all the women I admire so here are a few others – not that this as been my only topic of discussion all day long…(feel free to mail me more and I will add it to a growing list of inspiration)

Yvette Cooper (Shadow Home Secretary)

Harriet Harman (Shadow Deputy Prime Minister)

Caitlin Moran (Authour of How to be a Woman)

Angela Merkel (Chancellor, Germany)

Franny Armstrong (Producer of ‘Age of Stupid’ and founder of 10:10)

Also even though she’s fictional CJ Cregg should be on every inspirational women list. Boom.


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