Bringing you regular rage against the patriarchy, drenched in sarcasm and capslocks #FEMINISTFRIDAY

Feminist Fridays

Writing (hopefully in some kind of entertaining/informative manner) about the conversations I’m having with my niece to help her explore feminism.

Shaming and Blaming – The Everyday Victim Blaming Project and why it matters

Speaking to the right audience – My speech on Islam, feminism and domestic abuse

The Freedom of Nudity – FEMEN, Islam and the new rage in feminism. Are we fighting for real choice, or are we just fighting?

Men are objects too! – the definition is sexual objectification, and why a Diet Coke ad doesn’t make it the same.

You Hip Hop and you don’t stop – when those addictive bass lines meet misogyny, and when you overhear your niece singing along.

Searching for a little Muslim feminism – fighting patriarchy can be lonely and daunting, especially if you’re one of only a few Muslim women doing it…

The Sisterhood – Patriarchy likes seeing women as each other’s competition – what does this do for feminism?

Big Girls, Don’t Cry… – Why the January diet fad is just so frustrating.

2012 – the Greatest Hits – What 2012 was like for women and how we came together to fight it.

£3 Well Spent? – Exploring the connection between lads mags and violence against women, and how it creates a tolerance to objectification.

It’s Tough to be Cool and not a Sexist – A day on a campus – how easily sexism is normalised and even expected.

Stop the Press! It’s a Scrunchie! – The media portrayal of politicians’ wives and how it does feminism no favours.

What if Jeremy had a uterus? – The recent debate in the UK about abortion weeks and why male politicians need a privilege check.

The Playground – When children learn about gender difference and what impact this has

Naked News – The Page 3 debate and how it’s time The Sun was told to trash it.

Stop being so hysterical – Exploring why men are assertive and women just emotional

Women aren’t funny – How the Edinburgh Festival brought us one too many sexist jokes.

Going for Gold – The Olympics! One one hand they brought us new role models, on the other, we made them into objects.

The Colour of Sexism – Exploring the issues around skin tone, culture and what women should look like.

Do you know what sex it is? Pink or Blue – Discussing how the pinkification of girls creates inequality and disempowerment from birth.

Getting in on the political action – Exploring why women entering parliament creates better politics

My Feminist Journey So Far – A special blog by my niece about what she’s learning and what she thinks so far

Preach Sister! Religion and Feminism – Can someone be a religious feminist? exploring this issue, particularly looking at Islam

All Aboard – Even the men – Why men are important in the feminist movement

Every woman wants to be a Cosmo Girl – Why women’s magazines take feminism back a few decades

The biscuit tin wife – How some women struggle with trying to have it all – can feminism help us?

Oi Oi! Lads on Tour! – Lad culture and its offensiveness – It’s real and it’s not funny.

Can I get some fries with that shake? – Exploring what objectification means and why some women don’t realise it’s negative impact

Pop V Academic – Can Beyonce teach us anything about feminism or should be stick to big words and theories?

Confidence – Why my niece and lots of young women don’t have enough of it.

 Feminist Fridays – Where it all began and why


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